Silkscreen Stencils - Belles and Whistles

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Floral Silkscreen Stencils: With 3 flowery designs included in this set, delicate essence will blossom around you.

Botanical Silkscreen Stencils: With 3 designs of timeless greens, your project will forever be growing with beauty.

Mandala Silkscreen Stencils: With 3 designs included in this set, create never-ending life with these creative stencils!

Mosaic Silkscreen Stencil: With 3 designs included in this set, cast an antique look or a fresh style.

Nautical Silkscreen Stencil: With 3 designs you're bound to create something that would save you from walking the plank.

Patterns Silkscreen Stencils: With 3 different shaped designs, the combinations are endless!

Western Boho Silkscreen Stencil: Included in this set are two geometric designs and a dream catcher stencil!

Each silkscreen stencil measures 8 inches wide × 10 inches high.

*This silkscreen stencil collection comes complete with a squeegee hand applicator.